The Best Foods for your 30s

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There’s no denying it: your body can’t handle binges the way it used to.

Muscle is more metabolically active than fat and starts to waste away in your thirties, while the lardy bits linger. Two tricks can help you out, though. Firstly, don’t deny yourself the odd indulgence, just make it a long lunch rather than a messy night – that way youavoid sleeping on a bellyful of food and
a skinful of booze. Secondly, down a couple of espressos before you train. The early morning caffeine makes your fat reserves more bioavailable, meaning that your love handles gets a proper kicking.


Magnesium-rich and high in fibre, this promotes adrenal health – essential for coping with stress and prolonging your sex life


The omega-3 fats in this oily fish help to promote mental-wellbeing and concentration

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