The 5 Minute Shaolin Workout

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This quick martial arts training workout can help you get your brain and body energised

When the Indian Buddhist Monk Bodhidharma got to the Shaolin Temple in about 520 A.D he didn’t like what he saw. Monks were tired and sickly and just didn’t feel up to meditating all day. Yes, the Shaolin monks were Zen potatoes. Like today’s workers who sit behind computers, the Monks just weren’t getting enough exercise and as a result their work, searching for the ultimate truth and all that, was suffering.

So old Bodhi decided to shake things up a bit. He got the Monks up off their asses and introduced sets of exercises that would become the basis of Shaolin Kung Fu. o them when you’ve got a few minutes and need a bit of an energy boost to help you with putting together a Powerpoint presentation or searching for the ultimate meaning of reality.

The Horse Stance

The Horse Stance or Mabu is one of the basic stances in many Asian martial arts. It’s simple, but very effective and can really challenge you if you decided to hold it for any length of time. See how long you can hold it for, and then try to beat that next time you do it.It’s great for strengthening the back, neck and core muscles.

The Handstand Pushup

We used to do them all the time as kids, but as you get older doing a handstand becomes way, way more challenging. Try facing away from a wall and then putting your feet against it and walking them upwards until you feel your arms really working. Do this a couple of times to start and work your way towards doing pushups from the handstand.Excellent for arms and chest

Walking on Your Hands & Feet

Shaolin Kung fu was developed further by monks who watched the natural world and included movements of animals into their workouts. Walking on your hands and feet is something we did when we were youngsters but really only do it now when we’re drunk or looking under the couch for our car keys. Great for forearms and chest.

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