The 5 Biggest Health and Fitness Trends for 2022 (And Beyond)

Futureproof your fitness into next year, and the next, and the next.

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These days, it’s hard to predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone in the coming months. But if anybody knows what lies ahead—in wellness, at least—it’s our specially assembled MH advisory board. One thing is certain: those invested in safeguarding your well-being will not down tools. This is how you’re going to be shaping up in the future:

1. You’ll Run on the Digital Highway

Lockdown, especially here in SA, was a death knell for most of our running aspirations. Park runs, marathons and other weekend races were put on hold, giving all but the most enthusiastic road warriors an excuse to hang up their running shoes for good.

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But the pandemic spawned a new genre of competition: the virtual race. There’s no venue or starting time, you just have to track your run, rack up the designated kilometres (either on the road, trail or on a treadmill), and upload the results. At the end, you’ll see how your time stacks up against the rest of the pack. Some organisers will even send you a medal for being a frontrunner.

2. Big Tech Will Go Big on Wearables

garmin forerunner

Wearable tech has topped the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual survey of global fitness trends in four of the past six years. Now, the major players are muscling in. Apple’s Fitness+ subscription platform will host classes built around its Watch and Music—which may be an issue for less powerful fitness content creators.

Plus, the go-to brands for smartwatches will innovate even more to stay at the top of their game. Think Garmin with its Forerunner 745. This GPS running watch is made for runners and triathletes who need detailed training stats and on-device workouts plus smartwatch functions. You get one week of battery life in smartwatch mode and six hours in GPS mode with music, meaning it will serve you well in the outdoors. Perfect if you want to take your WFH setup to new places.

3. Outside Will Be the Safest Bet

More than half of the respondents to Form Nutrition’s COVID-19 survey said they planned to get out more after lockdown, says Soong. And it’s not just cabin fever making fresh air so appealing: according to one study, coronavirus is 18.7 times more transmissible in an enclosed environment than in an open one.

Industry publication Health Club Management reports that resourceful gyms have responded to pandemic-related restrictions by taking classes and equipment outside. It forecasts that “creatively weather-proofed” al fresco fitness will be a regular part of what clubs offer. Check out Virgin Active Alice Lane in Johannesburg. It has an open-air rooftop gym that will take your training to new heights.

4Your Run Will Be Low Emissionadidas ultraboost 21 parley


While other trainer brands are taking steps to reduce their footprint, adidas is making strides. adidas has committed to 9 out of 10 of its articles featuring a sustainable technology, material, design or manufacturing method by 2025, and to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Plus, their Ultraboost 21 X Parley release was one to note. It’s s made with Primeblue, a high-performance recycled material made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic. The Ultraboost is also the favoured training shoe of David Beckham and Harry Styles. Oh, and did we mention they’ve just opened the brand’s most sustainable store in Africa, right here in the V&A Waterfront?

5. You’ll Drink Less and Hydrate More

Exactly How Much Water Should You Drink In a Day

“Eight glasses of water a day” is a myth: the ideal intake depends on the individual. And without electrolytes, it’ll go down the pan. “Mainstream hydration” will permeate, says Form Nutrition’s Damian Soong. “It’s always been big for athletes, but it’s becoming more ‘lifestyle’.”
Nuun Sport, dissolved in a glass of water, packs almost three times as many electrolytes as a typical sports drinks. Down it daily to make sure you’re maximising every drop you drink.

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