Tall, Masculine and In Your Mid-30s?

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A new study done by scientists at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, shows that simple characteristics like a man’s age and height could make you appear more dominant.

Think Mad Men, in particular Don Draper whose manly charm has many women on the edge of their seats. Even though he might have many questionable moral traits; it’s the perceived dominance that gets them.

The research claims that tall, masculine men who are in their mid- 30s are most likely to be seen as dominant when compared to other men who might not have the same features.

Published by the SAGE journal ‘Perception’, which could explain why we see certain actors getting the lead role. The study was written by Carlota Batres, Daniel Re, and Professor David Perrett who are from the Perception Lab at the University’s School of Psychology and Neuroscience.

Photographs were taken of various men and altered digitally to make them appear taller, older and more masculine; participants were asked to judge and compare the various faces.

25- year old men were made to look 8 cm taller, at least a decade older and given a more defined jawline and prominent eyebrows; which made them seem more dominant than originally.

According to Medical Daily “Looks can portray information about a person’s biological and genetic health, and sometimes even their personality; but we can mostly agree, on most accounts, that “beauty is skin deep”.

Though, researchers do acknowledge that as trivial as physical features are, they do tend to play a role in the social relations like politics and the business world.

As research definitely shows that women tend to shun and be rude with unattractive men and are more tolerable with attractive men, especially when they ‘’misbehave’’.

Author of the study, Carlota Batres says that “Dominant people are also favoured as leaders during times of intergroup conflict and are more successful leaders in the business world. Hence, understanding what it is that makes someone look dominant is important given its influence on a variety of social outcomes.”

However, this is just as harmful as associating skinny body types with female attractiveness, so if you do not have all of these ‘’dominant’’ features, and you tend to look more like the Dustin Hoffmans, Danielle Radcliffes and Elijah Woods of the world, there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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Alice Paulse