Take Control of 2015

Men's Health |

It’s now the third week of the New Year. You haven’t gone to gym in three days, and that belt buckle is suddenly very uncomfortable. It’s been a steady decline since week 2, and you don’t know if you can stop these flailing wheels from turning. Instead of watching yourself crash into the red light of indifference, just take a deep breath. This isn’t a race; this is your life. It’s worth pulling over and knowing which direction you need to head in to before you take the wrong turn.

It’s about enjoying the ride, and to do that, you need to know your way a bit. It’s time to figure out if you have a destination, or if you’re just cruising – or both?
But this is what you need to know before you set off.

Why are you going anyway?

It’s all well and good saying you want to look like Hugh Jackman, but first you need a map. Do your research for the body you want. Don’t think you need to sign up for a gym when all you need is a Pilates ball, or a pull up bar. Know the route you need to be taking. Look for a reputable eating plan. Know the difference between your empty and good calories, the necessity of fats and myths around carbs. This is a big decision, one not worth making if you don’t know the facts.

What fuel are you using?

The more direct you are with yourself, the easier it is not BS your way towards a goal. If it’s the girl you want, you don’t need to be a balloon animal. Or is this about aesthetics? Fitness? Size? Health? Decide what’s most important for yourself. It’s worth imagining the feeling of reaching your success, so let’s also try be successful while getting there

Don’t be nervous

Accept that sometimes things haven’t gone as planned. Nobody is perfect, and it’s something not worth aspiring to. “We all make mistakes. Chances are good the consequences won’t be as bad as you feared they would be,” says David Connelly, a Cape Town based psychologist. It’s never as black and white as failure versus success. There’s no harm in getting a companion for the ride too.

Look after your baby

You’re in this for the long run now. This is your only body, so take care of it. There are shortcuts available, but who wants to cut a journey short? To keep your systems firing on all cylinders, you need a clear head to do it – ‘a healthy body, a healthy mind’.


If you’re constantly on the move, you’re going to need a break at some point. Remember that pizza you stopped for yesterday? You’re going to eat again. But next time, make a point of earning it. Cheat meals are part of the fun. They’re your checkpoint for the hours you’ve put in. When and what you eat is up to you. But remember how you felt when you last got side tracked? It all stopped being fun. Get back behind the wheel, take control. This is 2015.