Sodium Worth Its Salts

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Nibbling on salted peanuts while downing a beer at the bar may seem pretty normal. But what happens when you add a little salt to a light beer?

While full strength beer is not physiologically ideal as a post-workout drink as alcohol and sodium levels may slow fluid replacement, low-alcohol beer with sodium might be. Male participants in the study exercised until they lost about 2% of their body weight and, on separate occasions within an hour of finishing exercise had to drink 150% of their weight loss in regular beer (4, 8% ABV), low-alcohol beer (2,3% ABV), regular beer plus sodium (25mmol per litre), or low-alcohol beer with sodium.

Light beer with sodium showed best results for body weight recovery and lower urination after a workout, in this study by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise. Authors of the study suggest having a light beer with a pinch of salt as a “socially acceptable” compromise between having a beer or a non-alcoholic sports drink.

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