Soda Drinkers Oblivious To Kilojoule Count

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Do you know how many kilojoules they are in a can of your favorite fizzy drink? The labels might say so but without having a look could you guess?

During a study conducted in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics four thousand individuals were surveyed around their knowledge and consumption habits of sugar-sweetened beverages (SBB). Drinks that met the criteria for the survey included sodas, fruit drinks, energy and sports drinks, and other sugar-sweetened drinks. What was excluded were diet sodas, pure fruit juices, and artificially sweetened drinks.

31% of the survey had consumed at least one SSB within the past week even though around 84.4% were aware that SSB could cause weight gain. When they were asked to estimate the amount of kilojoules in a normal can of soda around 19% underestimated, 17% overestimated and 45% could not even guess at the amount.

There are 1418kJ in a normal 330ml can of Coke – just for curiosity sake.

The consumption of two or more SSB per day was highest among 18-24 year olds and decreased with an increase in age. Other frequent SSB consumers included being male, having less than a high school education and being in a low income bracket.

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