Skinny Guy Bulk Up

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Ruan Human was just one of the many skinny dudes looking to bulk up. It makes sense, if the husky guy can lose his gut with our Belly Off programme, why shouldn’t skinny guys get a similar 12-week programme that will help them to pack on muscle?

While we’re in the process of creating such a programme, Ruan took it upon himself to go ahead without us, and you can see from the photo and his stats below that his transformation has been pretty impressive.

Week 1: 64.5kg, 10.5% body fat
Week 8: 69.7kg, 9.5% body fat

The photograph is Ruan eight weeks into his new lifestyle, and this is his story.

“I have a personal trainer, Matt Norman, at Virgin Active in Table View and he’s been a massive help. I gym three to five times a week depending on my schedule and it’s always an intense workout of supersets for about 40 minutes. I try to eat at least three meals a day with two snacks in between, focussing on lean protein (mostly chicken & ostrich meat) and veggies, and drink two litres of water every day. With regards to meals I am not too strict and I have comfort food fairly regularly. I still drink a fair amount of beer too! On the supplements side I always take Omega 3, Vitamins and Fibre, and I have three whey protein shakes per day mixed with Herbalife shakes (to make them taste amazing), and I use several of the Herbalife24 products together with USN 100% creatine (5 grams per day on workout days only). All in all it’s a very balanced and flexible “program” basically a lifestyle.”