Single-Arm Push-Ups

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Not only will one-arm push-ups get you lean in double-quick time, learning how to do them properly makes a pretty good party trick: just think of Rocky in the “Hearts on Fire” training montage. Harris Chrysostomou, senior trainer at Mark Anthony’s gym, says: “A one-arm push-up works the abdominals, core, chest, shoulders and triceps. It also loads the legs, hips and glutes.”

1.] Assume a normal push-up position with one leg on tip-toe, fully extended and one knee on the ground. Spread your legs a few centimetres wider than shoulder-width apart to balance the body.

2.] Move both feet onto tip-toes, put your hand behind your back and feel the tension through your mid-section and extended arm. Attempt to keep your balance, notice the areas that feel weaker.

3.] Tense your core, stay square to the ground and begin to lower the body slowly. If you’re unable to balance, notice which part of the body failed and focus your effort on balancing there next time.

4.] BONUS: Position the arm higher to work the upper pectorals, lower for the lower pecs. Vary positions to achieve all-round definition.

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