Season’s Eatings

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Trying to limit your food consumption over the holidays?

You are doomed, according to an article from “Public Health Nutrition.

It basically says you are not in control of your food intake — your environment is. If you think your will power will protect you from all the goodies, think again. According to this review article, will power is no match for the obesogenic environment we live in.

“Food primes” that lead us to increase food consumption are everywhere, including big portion sizes, cheap prices for unhealthy food, high-fat palatable foods, eating with other people, and seeing other people eat.

It is possible, but not easy, to fight back against these environmental factors. The authors suggest that daily weighing and dietary restraint can help. Dietary restraint refers to actively inhibiting what and how much to eat.

They also note that while we need to be aware of food primes and take steps to monitor our weight and reduce intake, the government also needs to play a role to subsidize fruits and vegetables and make healthier food available at a lower price.