This Guy Lost Weight By Scheduling His Exercise

Making the time to train is the only way to lose weight.

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Exercise was low on Viwe Kukulela’s list of priorities. The increasing demands of university meant he concentrated more on his studies than physical activity. Add in friends and there was no time left to exercise.

Joining the workforce only made things worse. “I thought I had no time for exercise and as a result, did nothing. I was wrong, but by the time I realised, the numbers on the scale were over 100 and my pants had grown.”

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Reshuffling His Priorities

By the time Viwe joined a gym, his days of being a runner was a distant memory.  His health had deteriorated to alarmingly low levels. “I was so unfit that I’d struggle to catch my breath after jogging a few metres. I was also sick more often.”

A chance meeting with Men’s Health’s former Art Director, Clinton Jurgens, was the break he needed to jumpstart his fitness journey. “I discussed the pros and cons of bodyweight training with Clint at the gym, and he introduced me to the ICON exercise programme and diet that he put together himself.”

Viwe eased himself into bodyweight training and became obsessed with what he put into his body. “The key concept is eating right because you could spend a lot of hours exercising, but if you don’t eat right your results will be slow.”

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He set realistic goals for himself, and broke those down into short term goals. In 17 months, Viwe learned slow and steady wins the race. He lost 21kg and dropped to a size 32 pants.

Making Strides

Today, the 26-year-old’s  still faced with busy and stressful days. The Administrator and Systems Developer continues to throws himself into new business ventures. But now fitness is a key priority. “Besides eating right, I squeeze in a 5km or 10km run every week to keep my fitness levels on par.”

Setting aside time to reflect has helped him keep his lifestyle in check. “I’ve come to realise that if you do not take time to break, breathe and plan, life can quickly overwhelm you.” His advice? Spend time you would normally use on social media to devise your training schedule.

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“I now know how to easily maintain my weight-gain or loss. Getting back in to an exercise routine is never a problem for me.” His health has benefitted considerably from his new regime and no longer gets sick like he used to. “I’ve learnt and continue to learn that your body is the one place you have to live in. So at every given opportunity, treat yourself right. That is something we seem to always forget because of the deadlines we are always chasing.”

Never giving up, despite how rough the road became, helped Viwe decrease his body fat percentage enormously. A reward which motivates him to keep pushing. “The reality of it is that when you look good, you feel good and do good, and having come from a place where I was quite uncomfortable in my own skin for the most part, it is a very good boost to the soul.”

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