Power Up Your Legs With Advice From Springbok S’busiso Nkosi

Sitting on your butt all day weakens your hamstrings. Use his advice to strengthen yours.

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It takes 4.71 seconds for S’bu Nkosi to complete a 40m sprint. As a winger for the Springboks, he’s constantly working on becoming faster each day. This means that for S’bu, every day is leg day.

The Running Man

“Leg routines have a big impact on your lower back, so you need to be smart about how you train them.” says the speedster.

Wings need to be both fast and agile, to elude the opposition so they can score tries. “We sprint quite a bit, so you need a strong posterior base. So I focus on my hamstrings.

S’bu’s go-to workout: The 22-year-old favours moves that don’t necessarily work his hamstrings, but work wonders for him, such as Bulgarian split squats and reverse weighted deadlifts.

Like most players, rugby is more than just a sport for S’bu, he has learned to use the game to shed all negativity from his life and focus on representing his team.

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“Rugby is my sanctuary. As violent as the sport is, it’s my place of peace, and I enjoy the fact we get to release all our bad energy on the field in a very controlled environment. The things that rugby has done for me go beyond the field.”

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Build stability in your legs with the Bulgarian split squat by adding two sets of 12reps per leg to your workout.

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