Sand Is An Effective Training Tool

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Research out of Belgium has shown that you can burn nearly one and half times more kilojoules running on sand than you can running on solid ground. Of even greater significance is the fact that you can burn two to two and half times more kilojoules walking on sand versus walking on solid ground. According to a 2004 study from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the average kilojoule expenditure for a man running 1,600 meters on a hard surface is 519 kilojoules.

If the same distance were covered on sand, the man would have burned 828 kilojoules. The increase in stabiliser muscle recruitment combined with a decrease in elastic element activity can lead to a dramatic increase in mechanical work demand. Separate research from 2013 found the energy expenditure to be roughly 30 percent greater in soccer players performing speed and conditioning workouts on the sand versus hard surfaces.  Get to the beach and start your sand training to  build a beach body  you can be proud of.