Samsung’s New Smart Bike

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Technology has allowed Samsung’s Maestros Academy, along with Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli – world famed frame builder – and talented student of the academy – Alice Biotti – to build its new prototype bicycle that will take safety and comfort to a whole new level. The Samsung Smart Bike allows users to connect their Samsung smartphones to the bicycle itself. This enables them to control all of the features the new bike has to offer. It is able to project its own bike lane with lasers and uses them to alert other drivers that the bicycle is coming along. It has a rear view camera that allows the rider to see exactly what is behind them. The newly designed frame neutralizes the heavy vibrations you would normally experience on a regular bike as well as integrating GPS technology through the smart phone to provide riders with route maps, short cuts and allow them to alert authorities where they think bike lanes should be developed. Mintel Oxygen views this prototype trending towards providing new and experienced bicyclists a bike that has more safety and comfort as the cycling world becomes even more popular.

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