Now That Running Is Banned In SA, Try These No-Running, Running Workouts

Running might be banned in South Africa, but running workouts you can do at home aren't!

Kelleigh Korevaar |

This month’s issue of Men’s Health is all about running and helping you smash 10km in 40 minutes with workouts that don’t require you to hit the tarmac for hours on end. That’s great considering during lockdown you won’t actually be able to hit the tarmac at all.

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The gold standard of cardio training is within reach. Get up to speed with our range of fitness tests, essential upgrades for tired warm-ups, a step-by-step guide to running form and a quick superset to help you finish strong. See you at the starting line!

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#1: The Zero-Running Cardio Upgrade

This is the big workout – and it’s going to help you on your way to greatness. It’s actually made up of two workouts that you can do at home.

The first one is a multi-stage fitness test or as you might fondly remember it: the bleep test. Except we’ve subbed in a barrage of bodyweight moves to make it a cardiovascular conditioning tool that doesn’t require more than a couple of square metres of floor space during your WFH lunch hour.

For the second workout, all you need is a kettlebell (although everyone is getting creative with what they are using as weights). Did you know you can earn a 6% increase in running economy by adding weights to your training plan? In this workout you’ll be using a “chipper” format: that means chipping away at the prescribed number of reps for each round before moving onto the next exercises, even if you have to take short breaks to do so. By the end of the workout you clock up a total of 600 reps that target the postural muscles of your upper back that keep you upright and moving efficiently during long runs. It also strengthens your lower body and core, of course.

#2: Fire Up Your Warm Ups

Who knew performing the right warm up was crucial to your cardio success? If you though running actually was the warm-up then you’re in for a shock. Activate your muscles before running and you can boost your performance significantly; by 11% to be exact. This 10-minute warm up incorporates 4 moves and you’ll get 3 bonus moves for fine-tuning your fascia and avoid injury.

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#3: Form Masterclass

You might think running is one of those things that requires little instruction but in order to go faster, you’ve got to lay the foundations of speed and technique. This form masterclass will completely revamp your run. The movements will toughen up your core and prime your posture. And once you’re done with that, we’ve thrown in a three-days-a-week personal best plan from Runner’s World, that includes a three phase form structure to use when you get back on the road after lockdown.

#4: The MH Finisher

No workout is complete without a finisher? It’s one of the tortuous rules of getting faster and fitter. This workout entails a treadmill and dumbbells and will see you hitting 1.5km of sprints and 100 reps using the dumbbells (but there’s a twist). If you don’t have a treadmill you can always sub in skipping or high knees. This workout does what it promises, absolutely finishing you.

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#5: The Best Training Shoes

Training in the right shoe is as important as the workout itself, but when your focus is on running shoes, you might not know where to start with trainers. We tested out loads of trainers to find the three we think are currently the best on the market for training. Because the right pair can push your performance to the next level.

#6: The Exhaustive Guide To Cardio

Finally, we’ve got a guide to everything you need to know about cardio and upgrading your cardiovascular system. It’s a user manual that will dismantle your body’s mechanics to provide more power, improve your economy and push you further and faster than ever. Because we all have a high-performance engine inside of us, you simply have to turn the key.

Runner’s rejoice! It’s time to lace up and hit your home gym so that you come out of lockdown fitter and faster. You can find the running special complete with all these running workouts in our April issue which you can get here.

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