Run 5kms In Less Than 25 Minutes

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“Assuming you can already run five kilometres without stopping, you’ll only need to tweak one of your regular runs to achieve your goal,” says athletics coach Greg McMillan. Do one of these training sessions a week, alternating among the three. Run your regular course on three other days. You’ll be speedy by the end of summer.

Go Long

The goal

To ensure that your legs and lungs can easily go the distance.

The workout

Run for 40 minutes at a pace of six minutes per kilometer (10km/h). Run an extra 10 minutes each session until you can run for 70 minutes.

Go Hard

The goal

To run a kilometer in eight minutes.

The workout

Jog for 10 minutes, then do three 800m runs in four minutes each, resting two minutes in-between. Repeat this sequence every other time you do it.

Go Fast

The goal

To finish with a kick.

The workout

After a 15-minute jog, do four 30-second sprints at 90 percent of your maximum effort.Add twosprints each time, until you can do 10 to 12.

Cap A Long Run

With a light, high-rep set to stimulate growth hormone. Explosive jumping drills can help to reduce muscle soreness.

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