Row Right

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Rowing technique requires a large amount of skill and finesse to keep the boat going forwards at a gold medal-winning speed.

Avoid the following faults in technique to ensure optimal performance. Best of all, you don’t need to be on the water, this also works with indoor rowers.

1 Rowing with bent arms

The Fault The rower starts the drive by pulling with the arms, rather than pushing with the legs.

The Correction The drive starts by pushing the legs and bracing the back with the arms fully extended and relaxed.

2 Pulling up too far and leaning back too much

The Fault At the finish of the stroke, the rower pulls the handle up too high and leans back too far.

The Correction Draw the handle into the body. The wrists should be flat and the elbows drawn past the body, with his forearms as horizontal as possible.

Train like an oarsman.

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