Ronaldo’s Abs Are Champions Of Europe

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After scoring the last goal from a spot kick in Real Madrid’s 4-1 victory over neighbours Atletico in the UEFA Champions League Final, Christiano Ronaldo ripped of his shirt in celebration. The 29-year-old Portuguese superstar bared his sculpted abs in triumph. He then gave his shirt to a lucky fan in the stadium. The celebration probably was in one way to silence the haters’ commentary after Ronaldo recently posed naked on the cover of Vogue Spain’s latest issue with his fiancée, Irina Shayk. Or it was just a deserved moment of happiness surrounding the fact that he has helped Madrid tremendously in claiming their tenth European Cup glory.

Each footballer has their own way of celebrating a goal. Some dance like Daniel Sturridge, others do backflips like Nani , others run to the supporting crowd, a lot of shouting, players jumping on each other in huddle hysteria, saluting an important person, sliding and diving like Suarez , camera kissing like Gerrard , and some don’t even say a word or move like legend Eric Cantona. Taking of the shirt was always a player favorite but over the years this type of celebration has been banned and garnishes a yellow card to any offender. There are many rumors going around the Internet that speculate how sponsors of team kits were becoming disgruntled and unhappy when soccer players take of their shirt to celebrate after a goal because their logo’s were not being shown immediately after scoring. At times though the team who concede do feel out done by celebrations as they just want to continue with the game. Winning teams and goal scorers can sometimes milk a celebration in order to waste time. This can infuriate other teams and could also be a reason behind the rules now placed on them.

Even so, most players forget in the moment of jubilation but Ronaldo after scoring the goal in the last minute of the game knew that no consequences would follow and his team had just won Europe’s’ most prestigious footballing title. Besides I am sure millions of supporters, especially women, didn’t mind him taking it off finally and those abs have now become champions of Europe. Ronaldo looks pretty pleased with his body as he should after doing so much hard work on it, any guy would. Check out his complete routine here . Alternatively let MH help you on your way to ‘CR7 ab’ stardom with Six Pack Solutions, Abs In 6 Steps or Prancercising to name a few of the many resources we offer to help you sculpt the body of your dreams.