Take Your Training To New Heights

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By: Arthur Jones

Climbing is a fast-growing training trend – indoor climbing gym numbers have doubled in the last few years, abroad and here in SA too.

Local Hangout

City Rock has just opened a massive, world-class indoor climbing gym in Randburg, featuring over 2 000m2 of high wall climbing, 28 000 grips, 124 rope anchors, nine automatic belay walls, an area for beginners and kids, and 500m2 of bouldering space. “Climbing is exercising while having fun,” says Robert Breyer, the owner. “It’s physical, but involves mental problem-solving and requires you to overcome the fear of falling. It’s a really multidimensional sport.” If you’re in Cape Town, they’ve got a Woodstock branch too. cityrock.co.za

Take it outside

South Africa is a playground of outdoor climbing options that offer a huge variety of grades (difficulty levels). So once you’ve got your indoor training and skills up to speed, head over to Climb ZA (climbing.co.za) to find some outdoor routes. We’ve tried Legoland in Montagu, and we’re hooked.

Bring it home

Consider yourself a handyman? Build your own climbing gym, right in your garage like local climber Hadley Weight’s wall and set up your own with different hand and finger holds to build your strength.  Be sure to invest in a bouldering cushion (or mattress) to catch you when you fall.