Push Your Limits With This Upside-Down Bench Press

Flip a classic weightlifting move on its head.

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Sanele Mlaba (@macentsa) decided to flip a classic weightlifting move on its head and in doing so was rewarded as being voted the fourth finalist in the Men’s Health Beast Mode competition. The fitness model’s upside-down bench press showed his strength, balance and ability to keep his home workouts interesting during lockdown. He also walked away with an amazing Shower to Shower to hamper.

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Want To Try Sanele’s Upside-Down Bench Press?

These 3 exercises will get you there:

1/ Wall Handstand Pushup

Assume a handstand position with your feet resting against a wall. Performing a pushup in this position will increase your shoulder and arm strength – it will improve your handstand balance, too. Make sure your core is tight while doing the exercise.

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2/ Pike Pushup

Get into the downward dog yoga position. Lower yourself under control until your head touches the ground between your hands. Make sure that your elbows stay in line with your wrists (not flared out). Hold for a second and then push back up. Do not lock out your elbows when straightening your arms.

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3/ Elevated Pike Pushup

See: Pike Pushup. But this time place your feet on an elevated surface. Keep your core strong and prevent elbows flapping as you lower. Hold for one second and return to start. That’s one rep.

DO: 3 sets of 10 rep per exercise

Who Will Be The Overall #MHBeastMode Winner?

We have four finalists, each with their own epic moves, gunning for the 2020 title and the grand prize of R15 000. Who will take the title? Pick up a copy of the August issue and find out!


Get the August issue of Men's Health where we announce the winner of the 2020 #MHBeastMode competition


Even though the competition has closed, we still want to see your beast mode moves! So keep uploading them to Instagram with the hashtag #MHBeastMode.

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