Protect your Heart with Water

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There have been many studies that show water intake can improve post exercise parasympathetic, the nervous system responsible for stimulation of ‘feed-and-breed’ activities when the body is at rest, recovery after moderate-intensity exercise sessions. Yet there has been no investigation of the potential cardiovascular benefits promoted by water intake after high-intensity exercise.

In the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise, to assess the effects of water intake on the parasympathetic recovery after performing high-intensity exercise, 12 young men were used in the research. These men participated on two separate occasions in random order two different 30 minute and high-intensity workouts in the lab. Once when drinking water and the other not drinking any. Their heart rates were tracked during and after the workouts.

What it found was that heart rates returned to baseline more rapidly when water has been consumed. Water intake is concluded to accelerate the post exercise parasympathetic reactivation after high-intensity exercise and should be seen as important cardio protector when training.

Men benefit more than women when it come to high intensity exercise. Also keep in mind that High-pH alkali water hydrates you better than bottled water.

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