Prancercise Your Way To A Six Pack

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New research from the American Journal of Health and Spiritual Wellness has indicated that Prancercise may be the best way to lose weight and build abdominal muscle.

Researchers compared the body fat percentage of 50 participants before undergoing half an hour of Prancercising daily for a month with their respective body fat percentage afterwards.

The scientists found that a significant number of the participants had lost at least 50 percent of their original body fat following a month of prancing. Researchers also discovered a sizable increase in the lean muscle around the abdominal area.

Prancercise, a new critically acclaimed exercise sensation, has been described by its founder Joanna Rohrback as a “Springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation”.

The exercise routine is “liberating”, with one of its benefits of prancercising being “to fulfill our own sense of self-expression instead of imitating others like monkeys”

New to Prancersing? We have sourced a useful instructional video above that will place you halfway to your six pack abs now. Look out for a special Prancercise calendar guide in next months edition of Men’s Health.

Click through to the Prancercise website now and get Prancercising!


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