Play More, Earn More. No Really

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According to an online January 2015 Harris Poll of 2,232 U.S. adults, 15% percent of adults who participated in athletics or sports in High School and College have a personal income greater than $100,000, compared to only 9% of those who did not participate in sports in high school or college. Researchers suggest that High School and College athletic participation fuels fulfillment and boosts lifetime earnings.

“Playing High School or College sport is about much more than just learning how to dribble a ball or throw a strike, participation in athletics has the ability to provide various skills that may be needed for success in a job or career” says Allyssa Birth, Senior Research Analyst at The Harris Poll.

Those involved in athletics or sports for 3+ years are more likely than those who participated for less than three years to say it was very or extremely important in providing them with each of these skills.

  • Working towards common goals: 54% of those involved less than 3 years vs. 78% or more for those involved at least 3 years
  • Striving for individual excellence in a group setting: 52% vs. 75% or more
  • Disciplined approach to solving problems: 51% vs. 72% or more
  • Flexibility in work situations: 47% vs. 65% or more
  • Creative problem solving: 47% vs. 61% or more


A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Need more reaffirming evidence to put those skimpy track shorts back on?


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And if you have kids in High School or College right now and you’re MAN enough to consider some parenting advice? Make sure you encourage them with the benefits of taking part in sport…if they reply…”what about the drinking club?” Sorry buddy, you’re too late.