Perfect Form Push Up

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Most common mistakes
– Dropping your head forward.
– Hyperextending the neck and trying to look up.
– Dropping (or arching) of lower back.
– Bum in the air.

Perfect it like this
Don’t try do too many. Posture is usually compromised when this happens and it’s far more effective to do 20 good push-ups than 50 bad ones.
When lying on the floor your body position should be the same as standing arms length in front of a wall and looking straight at the wall. The best hand position is slightly wider than shoulder-width.
Imagine a plumb line from your ears through your shoulders to the hips, knees and ankles. Tuck in your gut and keep it tight activated as you push up and drop down with your arms at 90 degrees.

push up

Top tip
Take it to the next level by involving the shoulder stabilisers. Position yourself at 45 degrees, with hands on a stability ball (slightly wider than shoulder-width) and fingers pointing downwards to the floor.

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