The Perfect Form – Bench Press

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Most Common Mistakes

  • No spotter
  • Lifting too heavy too soon
  • Not using the bench for proper support
  • Hips lower than knees

Perfect It Like This

  • It’s called a “bench” press for a reason. Lie flat on the bench with your body neutral and relaxed. Keep your back flat all times to ensure it remains fully supported. Often when guys try to lift too heavy they lift their lower backs off the bench – this is risky!
  • Place your feet firmly on the floor, ensuring that the heels are pushed firmly to the ground. Never place your feet on the bench, you’ll have no stability and when one arm struggles to push and you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up on the floor fall with the weights on top of you.
  • Position your hands so that half way on the descend the elbows are flexed 90 degrees.
  • Breathe in as you lower the weight and out when pushing up. Set the pace with your breathing. Benching is not a sprint.
  • Just touch your chest, before pushing back up. Avoid bouncing off of it.

Top Tip
Always have a spotter. If your gym buddy couldn’t make it, use the seated chest machine.

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