Here’s An Easy Way To Stay Fit & Motivated During Lockdown

Your excuses just got crushed.

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Concerned that your streak of gains will be taking a massive knock during the nationwide lockdown? We feel you. After all the work you’ve put into building a chiseled version of yourself, it is pretty depressing to have to give it up just like that. Everyone talks about at-home workouts, but how does one stay motivated to train at home, and exactly how should you go about working out an exercise routine that actually works? We’ve got the answer…

Join Peebee’s Facebook workouts

Peebee have partnered with top personal trainers across South Africa to offer fresh and fun fitness-boosting workouts on their Facebook Page. You can literally participate in everything from strength and conditioning workouts to yoga classes via their Facebook offering. Never worked out before? You still don’t have an excuse… The Peebee workouts also cater to beginners. And the best part is that the workouts take place live – with an instructor that teaches the class while you’re actually doing it. And, just in case you’re planning to slack on those gains, we’re here to remind you that the benefits of keeping active are endless – especially now…

“During times of stress daily exercise has a profound effect not just on your physical health but on your mental state.”

“During times of stress daily exercise has a profound effect not just on your physical health but on your mental state,” says Clinton Gahwiler – psychologist at the Sports Science Institute of SA, who is also one of the founders of the Peebee App. “We are very grateful for our amazing PeeBee coaches who have volunteered their time over the next few months.”

Get started

Classes start at 8am and are spread out throughout most of the morning; plus they’re absolutely free. Yes, that’s right – you get to attend professionally-coached classes in real time, stay fit and safe in comfort of your home, at absolutely no fee! So, you really have no excuse!

To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, simply visit the Peebee’s Facebook page to participate in the live workouts. 


You will also be able to access the day's workout for 24 hours after the class.


Under normal circumstances (when we aren’t on lockdown as a result of fighting a super-contagious and deadly pandemic), you can use the Peebee App to find outdoor and indoor classes in your area, to connect with likeminded workout buddies and a whole lot more.

Peebee is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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