Our Cover Guy’s Tips On Mixing Up Your Training For Better Gains

Durang Atembe shares his secrets to switching up your workouts and preventing injury. Learn from him.

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Our March Cover Guy, Durang Atembe is a personal trainer that has had to overcome a lot of setbacks to get to where he is today. Even at 21, he’s already shown the ability to bounce back from whatever life throws at him. It’s this fighting spirit that earned him the spot as our leading man in our Strength Issue.

Durang Atembe

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 184cm
  • Weight: 96kg
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer
  • Favourite move: Burpees

Durang’s ability on the rugby field was recognised from a young age. His talent took him to Maritzburg College on a rugby scholarship where he began training to make the provincial team. The hard work he put in at the gym paid off – Durang went on to represent KwaZulu-Natal at Grant Khomo Week, and later played for the Blue Bulls. While Durang has since put his rugby career on hold, the 21-year-old still remains active and fitness has given him the confidence to live life to its fullest.

“[Training] has taught me self-love and how to be positive. It taught me my worth and it showed me that you can reach for whatever you are trying to achieve if you work hard for it.”

Mix Up Your Training

Durang trains six times a week. Like most people who find their way to the gym for the first time, he started in the weights room. Now he’s added functional training, boxing and high-performance workouts to his routine. “As you get older, you learn more about what you’re doing,” he says. “You get to know a variety of options and that changes your perspective on fitness.”

A bit of book knowledge doesn’t hurt either – since hanging up his boots, Durang has become a personal trainer.

Remember To Stretch

From his days on the rugby field, Durang understands the importance of stretching. He stretches both before and after his workouts to prevent injury. “You need to loosen up your body and prepare it for a workout. It’s good for your joints and it saves you from waking up in an uncomfortable way the next day.”

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Home Is For The Rest

Durang doesn’t like to bring his work home. The 21-year-old is adamant that home is a place of rest – so no home workouts for him. “Home is supposed to be your resting space. It’s meant to be the space where it’s just you, your energy and your comfort zone. I would just relax there and get ready for the next day.”

For more about Durang and how he stays both mentally and physically fit, make sure you check out our March issue. ON SALE NOW.


Men's Health South Africa March 2020 - The Strength Issue

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