Nike Soweto Marathon 2014 Training Guides

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With just seven weeks to go, the build up to the 2014 Nike Soweto Marathon has got many running enthusiasts and clubs from across the country very excited. Nike has then compiled for your running pleasure an insight to both the 10km and 21km routes and supplied a training guide that has helpful tips for those wanting to participate and those already participating.

This training guide has been drawn up by go-to expert for Nike athletes, John Hamlet, who has been a running coach for over 32 years as well as being a world famous ultra-distance and comrades marathon coach who has coached 41 comrades goal medalists over the last three decades. The training guide has been set up to help those over the next seven weeks, if they are taking taking part for the first time or those needing the last push of training before the race.

Visit the Nike Soweto Marathon website to register or get more information for the race that takes place on the 2nd of November 2014.

21km Training Guide:
Training Guide 21.1 km copy

10km Training Guide:
Training Guide 10 km copy