New Hangover Cure

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Forget about the apple, who would have thought this sweet succulent fruit would come in handy for hangovers when that dull headache and pang of impending nausea you experience the next day after a fun night of partying- we all know that feeling too well.

We have all used remedies such as a strong ‘cuppa’, Pedialyte, Rehydrate- which is used to restore moisture or fluid to the body and cranberry juice with some going to the extreme by using Tabasco sauce or if you like most guys who cannot get enough of beer, you probably indulge in another drink just to clear up that fuzzy and dull feeling.

Professor Manny Noakes who is the research director of Nutrition and Health at The Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) says that, “Believe it or not, there are effects that pears may have on the amount of blood alcohol after an alcoholic drink.”

Researchers staggered onto this interesting information as they were working on a study funded by the Horticulture Innovation in Australia, besides the natural nutrition that pears offer- rich in potassium, fibre and its ability to lower cholesterol. It is also a good source of vitamin B2, C and E and has a higher amount of pectin than apples.

Never mind that mouth-full, researchers have now found that it could battle the harmful effects of alcohol. “They contain anti-inflammatory features that might lower the damage of drinking heavily.”

However there is a catch: this supposed cure only works when you drink it before you indulge in booze. Researchers note that it works like a bomb when it’s in your system before you drink.

“I should make the point that the effect was demonstrated if you take pear juice before alcohol consumption. So there is no evidence that you can take pear after alcohol consumption. Once you have a hangover, there is no evidence that it will do you any good” Noakes told ABC.

Adding pear juice to your monthly mental shopping list? Or are you not keen on having your buddies see you chug down pear juice before embarking on your bar crawl?

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Alice Paulse