MWEB Unveils The World’s First Tweeting Couch

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South African soccer fans have been given the opportunity to join in the FIFA World Cup conversation without ever missing a second of the game thanks to MWEB and its latest innovation – the #MWEBTweetSeat. This is the world’s first ever tweeting couch. Yes, you heard right, a couch that can tweet.

This custom-built 2.1 meter long couch has been fully equipped with some outstanding technological devices through an innovative WIFI platform and allows more than 5.5 million Twitter users and almost 10 million Facebook users to interact with others whilst watching games. MWEB is using this latest invention to tap into the global ‘second screen’ trend – connecting to social networks via digital devices while watching TV.

The couch is set up in an area with WIFI and is able to tweet #Laduuma! or #GoHomeRef! when the printed cushions, which have been designed for the couch, are squeezed or tossed into the air while watching any game. This ensures viewers that they can watch the game without ever having to take their eyes of the screen to tweet about it.

“As the culture of always being connected wherever you are grows, we’ve seen a change in how people use the internet and WIFI over the past few years, and with events such as the soccer World Cup, the trend of interacting with televised or streamed content via web-enabled devices is certainly a defining internet behaviour of our era,” says Carolyn Holgate, GM of MWEB Connect.

A global estimation of 3.6 billion viewers are tuning into the action form the World Cup in Brazil and around 70% real-time fans are going online on their mobile phones to either hear, watch, or talk about it. A recent, local survey sees more than 60% of smartphone and tablet users in South Africa use their devices to connect to the Internet while watching TV.

“If each of the 3,6 billion viewers watched 10 games and spent 5 minutes tweeting per game, that would add up to a whopping 126 billion collective minutes spent looking at a second screen instead of the TV during the World Cup period. I’m sure every die-hard sports fan would love to have the #MWEBTweetSeat to watch the game on while engaging on social media without interruption.”

Social Media is connecting the world in so many ways. Here are some facts about it from the FIFA World Cup 2014:

-Facebook estimated that 500 million of its 1.28 billion users are soccer fans, with 62 % of those using Facebook every day.

-Up until the opening ceremony, the World Cup generated 19 million social mentions with an equivalent of 90% of the world contributing to these conversations.Thats more social mentions than the entire 2010 World Cup.

-The opening match between Brazil and Croatia generated 12.2 million tweets, with people from 150 countries joining the conversation.

-The match between Brazil and Chile broke twitter records at 16 million tweets generated during the game – that never would have been possible if people weren’t able to “second screen” from their couches.

-The top mentioned player in the opening game, Neymar Junior @NeymarJr, gained 165 000 Twitter followers on the day of the match.

-Twitter expected 350 000 tweets per day about the World Cup, with the UK and Ireland likely to be the top tweeting countries around the #WorldCup hashtag.

-Lionel Messi of Argentina, Wayne Rooney of England and Cristiano Ronaldo were the favourite players on Twitter at the start of the tournament.

-Uruguay striker Suarez is getting 5 272 Twitter mentions an hour, 75% of which are negative.

-Brazil is the team with the most social media followers.

-The top Twitter handle of the World Cup is @FifaWorldCup and the top hashtags are #WorldCup, #Brazil2014 and #Brazil.

-Shakira’s official 2010 World Cup hit “La la la” received 92 million views on YouTube in two weeks and now sits at 182 million views.

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