Music Linked to a Better Workout

Men's Health |

Plugging in your earphones and pumping out the tunes while slugging it out at gym will make you feel better and increase your strength training.

A recent study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research tested the effects of listening to self-selected music while training.

The test’s subjects, 20-year old students, were asked to perform the same workout routine on two occasions, once in silence and the other while listening to the songs of choice. They reported on mood and perception at how hard they worked out, and additional athletic performance measures were also used.

The results were good. Gymming with some Jimi meant guys not only worked harder in some of the resistance training but they also felt better when doing it. Benching remained the same with and without music, but squat jump was much more effective when done to the riveting sounds of Adele. Yep, some guys just love the divas…

Take off velocity, rate of velocity development, and rate of force development were all much better with music. And while the guys felt that they were working hard in both workouts, their mood feedback showed that they felt much better with some drums in their ears.

In a separate study published in the Sport Journal, music was found to act as dissociation from fatigue. It also increased mood arousal to either calm you to focus or pump up your excitement.

So there you have it, pump out the jams while pumping iron for a more fulfilling workout.

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