7 Podcasts You NEED To Listen To If You’re Having Trouble Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Listen to them as you sweat it out in the gym, or while you're typing away at your desk.

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Stuck in a fitness rut and need someone to pull you out? Listen to these fitness podcasts and find the motivation to pull yourself out. Your fitness journey may be personal, but sometimes you need some outside inspiration to keep you going.

Whether you’re a fitness newbie, or a seasoned gym-goer in need of inspiration to help you achieve your fitness goals, these podcasts will expand your knowledge of all things fitness related. From using fitness to overcome difficult times, to staying fit as you age, these podcasts have it covered.

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1. Hurdle

Going through a tough time and not sure how you’ll make it through? Be inspired by the real stories shared on Hurdle. The bi-weekly podcast follows the lives of individuals who have used fitness to get through a difficult patch in their lives. In the first episode, creator of the podcast, Emily Abbate, shares how she used fitness to confront the numbers on her scale. From losing weight to overcoming bullying, these stories by ordinary people are super relatable. It shows that fitness goes beyond looking good– it’s about feeling good too.

2. The Gym Wits

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about fitness, this is a good place to start. Childhood friends, Ryan George and Justin Gild, dissect different fitness-related topics each episode. From whether the Ketogenic diet really works, to how to build muscle really quickly, these guys cover it all. In episode six they talk fitness goals people set and what category they fall into. If you’ve wanted a way to think beyond your goals, this is a great place to start.

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3. Shredded by Science

Are you a personal trainer looking for more ways to improve your craft? This is the podcast for you. Shredded by Science features experts talking about the industry. Creators Patrick and Lawrence cover how to land clients, how to improve their performance and what type of diets to recommend. For the non-personal trainers, the two have interesting discussions around diets, forming a habit, and body dysmorphia.

4. No Meat Athlete

Tired of people telling you eating chicken is the only way to get enough protein to build lean muscle? Listen to this podcast and be comforted by tons of information and research creators have gathered, proving its possible to be a serious athlete on a plant based diet.

From how to fuel your fitness to changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet to better your health, no stone is left unturned. This podcast is great for those already living a plant based lifestyle or those who are interested in making the switch but need motivation. Your plant based lifestyle is just one episode away.

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5. The Rambling Runner

If you’re more interested in running kilometres than running away from your problems, look no further than this podcast. Running has changed many lives, whether as an outlet for anxiety or a way to kickstart a fitness journey. Listen to the exploits of dedicated runners, who enter races in between their busy schedules. Hear their tips for getting your PB, how they stay fueled and be inspired to keep going the extra kilometre.

6. 40+ Fitness Podcast

As you age your approach to fitness changes. After 40, you’re more prone to injuries and deal with more aches and pains. It also takes longer for you to recover. That’s why you need a fitness plan that takes into account all the changes your body is going through.

Host Allan Misner is a personal trainer that has all the answers. The almost 50-year-old knows what it takes to stay active well into your golden years, providing insight so you can do the same. Stop using your age as an excuse for why you’ve stopped training. Instead, listen to this podcast and become fitter and stronger than what you were in your twenties.

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7. Spartan Up

Trying to make a success out of your career? Need help sticking to your goals? Start by listening to this podcast. Joe Desena, CEO of Spartan Race, makes it his mission to speak to people who have found success in various ways. With Desena dissecting the steps taken to reach their goals. Find your footsteps with advice from academics, CEOs, and thought-leaders who have all done it before. Be prepared to shift your thinking, laugh while learning, and leave with a toolbox-full of knowledge.

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