MHFit Test: Agility

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PURPOSE: Measure horizontal-plane agility, acceleration and turning ability.

EQUIPMENT: Stopwatch, 3 cones.

GOAL: Finish the cone shuttle as quickly as possible.

TECHNIQUE: Mark out a 10m distance with cones on each side, then place a cone in the middle of the two cones (5m), this is the starting point. Stand in the middle with 1 foot on the left and 1 foot on the right of the centre cone but facing in the direction of the first cone you running to. Run to the first outside cone, dip and touch, turn and run to the other outside cone, dip and touch and then turn and run to the middle cone (no touch of cone required). Your time to complete the entire run is recorded.

TRAINING TIP: Changing direction and gaining speed isn’t only about fancy footwork. Consider your arms to be both rudders and to help gain speed on acceleration. Pump your arms like a 100m sprinter on your take off, and focus on keeping your centre of gravity low on your turns.

Reasons for Disqualification:
1. Turning short of the marker.
2. Failure to touch the cone.

Level 1 – +6.4s
Level 2 – 6.2-6.39s
Level 3 – 6.0-6.19s
Level 4 – 5.8-5.99s
Level 5 – 5.6-5.79s
Level 6 – 5.4-4.59s
Level 7 – 5.2-5.39s
Level 8 – 5.0-5.19s
Level 9 – 4.8-4.99s
Level 10 – 4.6-4.79s

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To workout your final score, add up your seven totals to get one number. Then divide that number by 7 and times by 10. That will be your final MH Elite score for the leaderboard.

Total score ÷ 7 X 10 = MHELITE score

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