MHFit Test: 3 Rep Max Squat

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PURPOSE: Define strength in relation to bodyweight.

EQUIPMENT: Olympic barbell, plates, squat rack

GOAL: The heaviest 3 squat reps with good form.

TECHNIQUE: The starting position is a standing one, with your feet 10cm wider that your shoulders, and pointing slightly outward. Rest the barbell across your upper back (it should rest on the middle of your trapezium muscle) while the gripping the bar so that your hands are positioned 10-15cm wider than your shoulders. Then you drop into a controlled squat where you lower yourself until your upper legs are parallel to the floor. Then you extend your knees fully and press upwards through your heels to get back to the start position. Keep your head in a neutral position throughout the entire exercise. You need to do three reps on each weight before increasing the weight and attempting a higher score. Start at a weight that you’ve lifted before, do your three reps (while keeping in the guidelines) 
and then rest before moving onto the next weight. Don’t attempt this test without a spotter.

Reasons for 
1. Taking more than one recovery attempt.
2. Any touching of the bar by the spotter.
3. Any shifting or movement of the feet or hands during the lift.
4. The athlete does not go below 90 degrees.

Training Tip: To warm up for heavy squatting, skip the traditional stationary stretching exercises, and focus on dynamic moves. Do some skipping, box jumps, twisting lunges and broad jumps to get your muscles primed to provide explosive power.

Score: Level 1 – 100%‘ is equivalent to your body weight. For example, if you weigh 80kg and you squat 120kg, then you are at Level 6. If you weigh 110kg, then you would need to lift 165kg to be at Level 6 (110kg + 55kg).

Your score is the max load that you’ve correctly lifted three times in a row (within the guidelines). You’ll need to know your weight to work out your final score.

Level 1 – 100%
Level 2 – 110%
Level 3 – 120%
Level 4 – 130%
Level 5 – 140%
Level 6 – 150%
Level 7 – 160%
Level 8 – 170%
Level 9 – 180%

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To workout your final score, add up your seven totals to get one number. Then divide that number by 7 and times by 10. That will be your final MH Elite score for the leaderboard.

Total score ÷ 7 X 10 = MHELITE score

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