Revealed: Our 2018 Cover Guy Winner Tawanda Tadzimirwa

Meet 26-year-old Tawanda, our winner in this year's Cover Guy competition. This is what you need to know about him.

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The winner of our 2018 Cover Guy competition, Tawanda Tadzimirwa, joined the gym in 2008 to improve his swimming time. He was gunning for the swimming captain position, and hoped the training would help him.

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He became hooked once he saw the results. Last year he went through a slump, and training took a back seat. At the start of this year, he dusted himself off and started again. “The journey this year beat me to my knees, but my resolve has been unwavering.”

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

When Tawanda started his journey back into fitness, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He made the decision to walk it with family, friends and his Instagram followers. A team was formed around his hashtag #RoadToSummer18 – a team that would support, correct and empower each other.

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Turn Your Weakness Into Strengths

Like most men, Tawanda skipped leg day for the first few years of his training. This year, when he made his comeback, he focused on his legs. “My legs were at the centre of my transformation, and at the pinnacle of that transformation was squats.”

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Don’t Be Scared Of Supersets

Not getting the desired results from your workout? Tawanda believes that supersetting your exercises will take your workout to the next level. “Supersetting two or three exercises at a time will get your heart rate up and really test your cardiovascular endurance.” He makes sure to include a cardio component, such as burpees or jumping jacks.

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Favourite Moves

Squats, deadlifts, and the dumbbell shoulder press.

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