Men’s Health Cover Guy 2018: Meeting Finalist Simphiwe Mabaso

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Growing up, top five finalist for our 2018 Cover Guy competition, Siphiwe Mabaso’s reading material consisted of a collection of fitness magazines. It’s what inspired him to start training in the first place. “I made it my life’s mission to one day look and be a fitness cover model myself.” Now he trains twice a day, six times a week. “By training, I’ve been able to create myself, and attract the right people into my circle.”

It All Starts With A Choice

Simphiwe’s dreams of being a fitness model were sidelined when he battled with substance abuse for a few years. But he learnt to forgive himself for the mistakes he’s made in the past. He made a decision: to turn his life around.
“I started pushing myself and my development at whatever cost.” He started reading self-development books and doing volume training.

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Make Time To Recover

You can’t train hard if you’re still in pain from earlier sessions. Leave ample time for recovery, and fuel up the right way. Simphiwe reaches for a chocolate milk drink and mixed nuts to aid his recovery. “A post-workout snack is highly recommended, to help speed up the rebuilding and recovery process.”

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Find A Training Partner

It’s easy to become demotivated with your training if you’re going it alone. Simphiwe advises you find a training partner that’s right for you and where you want to end up. “Find someone with similar goals, and develop a workout plan where you’re gradually adding weight and reps.”

Plan Your Food

When it comes to food, Simphiwe believes it’s quality over quantity. The best way to make sure you have quality food is to plan ahead. “Create a weekly meal plan, and start tracking your calorie intake.”

Favourite Moves

Front squats, standing barbell overhead press, and barbell bench press.

The Men’s Health Cover Guy 2018 Competition is presented by Clere For Men.

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