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Introducing the Orthodox rabbi Moshe Gray who at the age of 36-years-old has taken up CrossFit and exercises religiously (pun intended) five days a week with the high-intensity core strength program.

Gray is the director of a Jewish centre at Dartmouth College and hopes to inspire other clergymen to follow his example of becoming a CrossFit disciple.

According to Medical Daily, in the beginning of this rabbi’s training, he could not do a full set of burpees without having to throw up; that was when he realised how unfit he was and decided to convert to healthy ways.

His new-found discipline (not forgetting his muscle strength) spurred him on to urge an international organisation of Jewish students, called “Chabad on Campus” to initiate a pilot CrossFit project for other clergymen.

With 30 participants, some of the rabbi’s and their wives, with each participant receiving a; ‘medical check-up, personalized fitness goals, an online support group and a subsidy for a personal trainer.’

Exactly a year later, the results were amazing as collectively they have lost over 300 kilograms, which averages to 22 kilograms per person.

Yosef Kulek, the Chabad director at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, said “Within one year of starting the pilot program, he lost 22 of the 60 pounds he’d gained since starting his career.”

These rabbis are leading by example as they say that “What people don’t quite realize right away is that Judaism and the Torah put a strong emphasis on taking care of your body and taking care of the gifts God gave us in this world.”

From Shabbat meals to Christmas dinners, food plays an integral role in religion; ‘barak’ (bless), rabbi Gray for trying to lead a healthy crusade.

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Alice Paulse