Men’s Health Cover Guy 2018: Meeting Finalist Ndumiso Xulu

Meet Ndumiso, the 28-year-old musician and model from Vryheid who's one of our Top 5 Cover Guy finalists.

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Top five finalist for our 2018 Cover Guy competition, Ndumiso Xulu, used to have trouble saying no to his friends. He would constantly go out partying and drinking with them. As a result, his dreams were sidelined. He found himself not achieving any of the goals he had in life. But late last year he realised he needed to do more with his life. So he prayed for guidance. “The next morning, I dusted off my collection of Men’s Health magazines and got back to business.”

Set Goals

Ndumiso wants to open up a gym in his community, to motivate more people to change their lives. This is his goal for the future. “I’m driven by the goals that I want to achieve. For me to achieve them, I need to have a healthy body and mind.” That’s why he keeps training.

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Challenge Yourself

If the workout isn’t challenging, Ndumiso doesn’t want to do it. He prefers workouts that require a great deal of strength and stamina. “I prefer doing a lot of cardio exercises, bodyweight training, and weight lifting to close it off.”

Be Strict With Your Diet

Ndumiso creates his meals based on choosing what would benefit his body. That’s why he’s very strict with what he consumes. “For breakfast I have oats as my cereal, boiled eggs, avocado and whole- wheat bread. For lunch I have a green salad, and for supper it has to be white meat with spinach, or a mixed vegetable roast.”

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Sleep Well

Need some quick advice on muscle recovery? Ndumiso suggests getting in good-quality sleep. “[You need to] allow your body to rest, and it will help with muscle growth and fat burning.”

Favourite Moves

Pull-ups, russian twists and side jack knives.

The Men’s Health Cover Guy Competition 2018 is presented by Clere For Men. 

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