Meeting Men’s Health Cover Guy 2018 Finalist Mnqobi Kunene

This is what you need to know about him.

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Top five finalist for our 2018 Cover Guy competition, Mnqobi Kunene, loved being on the rugby field at school. He was serious about the position he played, and about taking the sport further. To do this, he started weight training while he was in matric. It paid off – he went on to play club rugby.

Now that he’s no longer playing the sport, Mnqobi trains for his emotional and mental well-being. “I always tell myself that I will keep training, no matter what I go through in life. It’s how I’ve managed to stay strong.”

Minimal Equipment, Big Gains

Mnqobi is a big fan of bodyweight training. His normal workout routine consists of a 5km jog, followed by a full- body stretch. He then moves on to basic calisthenics moves (including a variety of pull-ups), core workouts (including planks and mountain climbers), squats, and lunges. “Since I do bodyweight training, my body is basically my gym.”

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Don’t Be Scared Of Variation

To maximise the effectiveness of his workouts, Mnqobi makes sure to do different variations of the same move. “For example, if I want a plank to be more intense, I’ll add a plank with raised leg (alternating), and then a side plank or an up-and-down plank.”

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Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish in the morning. To make sure he has energy for the day, the first thing Mnqobi reaches for in the morning is water. “This helps speed up my metabolism and improve my digestive system.”

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Favourite Moves

Muscle-ups, wide-grip chin-ups, tricep dips.


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