Meet Cover Guy runner-up Riaan Ellis

Kirsten Curtis |

Men’s Health Cover 2016 Runner-Up

Riaan Ellis

Age: 30

Hometown: Cape Town

Job: Health and Wellness Coach

Follow him on Instagram: @riaan_ellis

Follow him on Twitter: @RiaanRustyEllis

The most important thing for Riaan is leading by example. He knows what it takes to stay in shape and he works on that every, single, damn day. Follow his advice to sculpt a body like this.

Training Method

15 minutes of stretching followed by a 4.5km run and then 35-45 minutes of weight training. Four times a week.

Focus, Plan and Execute

“Always try your best to execute a move with perfect form. If that isn’t enough, you can always take that same move to the next level by incorporating supersets and drop sets. Plan for it, and then focus on getting the job done”.

Strike a Balance

“Eating healthy is simple. Just remember this: balance out your carbs, healthy fats and protein. There is a time and place for everything-even cake-but you have to plan on what you will be putting in your body so that you aren’t derailing your goals”.

Water Down Your Workout

“It’s all about hydration when it comes to a quick post-workout recovery. Add L-glutamine and an ice cold shower to speed up the process”.

Favourite Move

There’s a reason Riaan finds time for a 4.5km run almost every day. “It’s my favourite exercise and it really gets the endorphins following”.









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