Meet A CrossFit Master

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Derrick Hill trains at least once a day to overcome a degenerating spine and a dodge knee. He also came second in the world in the Masters section of the CrossFit Games in Carson, California. Hill is 62 years old. What’s your excuse?

Hill could have chosen the easy life, one in which he faded slowly into old age. That would have meant less time training at his gym, the B4C Fitness Centre in Edenvale, but it would also have led to more back and knee pain.

Instead, he chose to dedicate time and sweat into creating a fitter, stronger, faster version of himself. Hill wanted to build up the muscles in his back to counteract the debilitating effect of his bones deteriorating, and also to compete at an international level in the Masters section of the CrossFit games.

Hill qualified for the international games in 2011 after only doing CrossFit for a few months, but couldn’t go through to the finals in California due to a lack of finance. This time around, he qualified and made the trip, becoming the first South African to compete in the Masters section of the final and where earned a well-deserved second on the podium.

Over the three days of competition, Hill fought his way up the rankings, and fought for top spot in every round (he came first in the snatch ladder), showing younger men how to compete. This success was thanks to hard work, mental grit and the support of his wife, Carol, who he has been married to for over 40 years.

Hill shows it’s never too late to train towards becoming a better man. We can’t provide you with the commitment you need, but we can help you with the tools. Check out our latest issue for our CrossFit workout poster, and watch our behind the scenes CrossFit video.