Manly Marketing

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Due to the large shift in societal norms and demographics men have become a broad consumer base targeted by marketers for product purchases in areas traditionally dominated by women. As these traditional gender roles continue to blur and men who are normally single and living alone due to putting off marriage, take on more household chores, household decisions, and domestic product purchases the marketers need to differ their approach.

A large share of males from the ages of 18-34 years old have become more engaged in traditional female roles, and more pressured to excel at both their work and at home. Brands are becoming more sensitive to these new male challenges in order to make the right kinds of connections by marketing previously female categories to them without alienation. They have to focus on how men spend their time, how they will respond to advertising and their attitudes to various categories of products.

Marketers are putting a stop to the old school kind of ‘macho marketing’ and incorporating a more emotional connection that are aimed to find more male shoppers online, especially young men who need certain levels of guidance as they become more domesticated throughout society.

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