Lunga Shabalala Talks Workouts, Daily Routine, And His Perfect Escape

He reveals how to nail the right balance in life.

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Lunga Shabalala first graced our screens when he hosted Selimathunzi in 2011. Seven years later, the actor, model and presenter has made a big name for himself. Despite his long hours on set, he still finds time to train. He makes no excuses and you shouldn’t either. Here’s his advice:

How often do you work out?

“I do five or six days a week. It depends on the time and intensity of my workouts.”

What is your workout philosophy?

“Challenge yourself, and have fun – BUT: be consistent, and listen to your body.”

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What does your usual workout routine look like?

“I do push and pull movements, and legs as a focus twice a week. I include cardio and speed work twice a week. Once a fortnight I test myself with my 300 workout time.”

How do you make your workouts intense?

“Go hard early in the week; because later in the week, the body’s central nervous system is going to be fatigued.”

Your three favourite moves?

“Every man must do squats, deadlifts and bench press! You should also include pull-ups.”

How do you incorporate strength training at home?

“I’m sometimes on set from 5am until 6pm, so squeezing in a workout (that includes dumb- bell single-arm clean and press, single-leg deadlifts, burpees, dips and push-ups) in the green room does lift the heart rate in between scenes.”

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What’s your cardio programme look like?

“The guys and girls at Arena Wellness and my boxing coach take care of that. I’m not a fan of road running. I get bored.”

How do you motivate yourself for work- outs?

“I log onto YouTube and listen to ‘The Rock’. At the end of the day, if I don’t do it, nobody will do it for me.”

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What’s your best personal workout tip?

“Stay in your lane and turn up the music. It’s you versus you! The gains will come with consistency.”

What kind of food do you usually eat?

“I love my meat and steamed veggies. The catering on set knows that my day can’t start without six boiled eggs, beans and black coffee (no sugar).”

What’s your best nutrition tip?

“Stay away from liquid calories! Also, before you jump for that snack, have a glass of water; and 10 minutes later, try coffee. If that doesn’t work, then you can snack away.”

What sports do you play?

“Soccer and boxing.”

What gives you energy in the morning?

“Coffee, and oats with almonds.”

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How do you make sure you recover well?

“Supplements straight after a session, sleep, and time with the dreaded foam roller.”

How would you describe your perfect weekend?

“A light morning workout session. Napping and hanging with the boys for drinks and socialising. But I have to go to church on Sunday, or I set aside time for my worship. If I don’t get that done, it throws off my whole week.”

What is your favourite place to travel, and why?

“Give me any beach, and solitude. I enjoy alone time.”

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