Louis Vuitton Trophy Case

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The FIFA World Cup trophy will be entering the Maracana stadium on the 13th of July in style. On the evening of the final the trophy case that has been designed by world renowned, Louis Vuitton, will be escorted by the beautiful, Brazil born, Gisele Bündchen. She is very proud to be chosen for such an event. She epitomizes Brazilian women and spreads her county’s colours all over the world so it was no surprise she was the natural choice for both FIFA and Louis Vuitton.

Luis Vuitton trophy case

Louis Vuitton has had a long tradition of creating such elegant cases for travelers and their precious cargo. Some examples that have been crafted in the Asieres workshops are the foldout trunk-bed for African explorer, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, a secretary trunk for 1000 cigars and a portable tea service for the Maharaja of Baroda. Most ironically known to be created in the workshop is the case that carried world’s oldest sporting trophy, the America’s Cup, which is dated back to 1851. Vuitton has seen 150 years of such achievements and after being commissioned in 2010 by FIFA will now hold the Football World Cup this Sunday.

Here is how they made it: