Learn The Muscle Up With These Three Moves

Here are the building blocks for the muscle up.

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Introduce the ultimate show-stopping move to your training repertoire. These regressions won’t just help you get up and over – they’re serious bodybuilders in their own right.

Muscle Up Negative

DO: 3 x 10 reps, 120 sec rest.

Use a box to help you over the top of a pullup bar and hold your weight with straight arms above the bar. Slowly bend at the elbows, lowering your chest towards the bar,
before rotating your wrists and descending into a dead hang. Use the box to get back up and repeat. Each rep should last around four seconds.

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Hip-High Pullup

DO: 6 x 3 reps, 60sec rest.

Perform an explosive wide-grip pullup, keeping your feet together in front of your body. Lean back slightly and try to pull the bar to your midsection. You should aim to pull progressively higher with each set, getting further and further above the bar.

Band-Assisted Muscle Up

5X5 Reps, 90 sec rest.

Secure a band across a rack, step on it and grab the pullup bar. Assisted by the band, pull yourself up explosively, turn your wrists above the bar, throw your head forward and push the bar away until your arms are locked out. Slowly reverse the movement then repeat.

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