Just How Dirty Is Your Beard?

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As November approaches us slowly, you’re probably thinking about growing an awesome stache. No, not the trek bike, a moustache or beard that could rival Tony Stark’s or if you’re up for looking like Gandalf.

However, there are some men who sport some lumberjack-like beards; which looks cool although there was a recent report which claimed that these beards carry tiny poop particles. That turned out to be an exaggeration by one news channel that collected a small sample of beards, which was sent to a microbiologist. Giving rise to pogonophobia , which is the fear of beards.

So now that’s cleared up but it does not mean that you should through caution to the wind and abandon proper beard maintenance. The guys at Brit Lab done research into why faecal matter isn’t the only thing men in the Lumber sexual group should be worried about.

Back in the heydays, that was believed that beards signified higher testosterone levels with well-known naturalist and geologist, Charles Darwin having suggested that women preferred men with beards.

So just how can the world’s most fashionable facial accessory cause any harm? Well your beard provides the perfect place for bacteria to feed off, as it traps sweat and bodily fluid. With one dermatologist saying that beards could hide skin diseases like yeast infections and even herpes.

So how does one, make sure that your beard stays fresh? Well according to Medical Daily “a solution to bacteria build-up: washing your beard regularly and using conditioner.”

However, other studies have found that men who are clean shaven have just as much bacteria as bearded men.

Interesting fact: ‘’35 percent of men from the age of 18 to 24 and 17 percent of all men have facial hair today. Compare that to 2009 when 31 percent of men from 18 to 24 and 14 percent of all men had facial hair.’’

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Alice Paulse