Jean de Villiers: The Road To Recovery

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All about South African rugby captain Jean de Villiers’ road to recovery, who happens to be the most-capped centre with a 106 test matches and becoming the 54th Springbok captain in 2012.


In partnership with Citadel and Shoestring Productions they have produced a three-part documentary on Jean’s journey to recovery, after his knee injury last year during the final 2014 test match against Wales,  and his quest to take part in the Rugby World Cup.


As he lay on the Cardiff turf at the end of November 2014, Jean de Villiers’ World Cup dream lay in tatters as he contemplated a premature end to his career.


However, buoyed by the support from those close to him and fueled by a desire to end on his terms, Jean has fought harder than ever before to get back on the field again.


Through this inspiring story of positivity and determination, you will see what drives and what sustains him as he takes aim at the ultimate goal – the Rugby World Cup.









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