Inside The Super Rugby Camp: Saturday – It’s Game Time!

Now, that you are focused and recovered, the time has come to perform.

Words by Thomas Okes | Photographs by Paul Samuels |

Get Ready To Play: By kick-off the players are primed to play at their peak. Everyone prepares differently: some get hyped up, others calm down. Learn what works for you, then use it.

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Trust The Process

Anyone facing 80 minutes of collision-based chaos would be prone to tensing up, which is why pro rugby players preach the value of staying calm. And doing that means different things for different people. “Every player has his own routine and the rest of the squad respects what they do during the final minutes before kick-off,” says Stephan du Toit. Whereas Sergeal prefers to zone out into his iPod, Jesse says, “In the final few hours before a game I just try to enjoy the atmosphere, as the hard work has been done.”

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Jaco says the team will get together four hours before the game. “I’ll eat my pre-match meal and take a 30-minute power nap. When I wake up I will put my earphones on and start to focus and visualise what I want to achieve before we go out to warm up. Different strokes, one goal: “Being calm on the field gives me a clear head to make precise decisions,” Sergeal says.

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Game Changer: Super Snack


“On game day, I’ll eat a rye sandwich with peanut butter and banana, and some almonds too,” says Jesse. “This normally gives me energy that sustains me throughout the game. I have no superstitions or anything like that – I just try to take in the moment and enjoy it as much as I can.”

Click on each link for a detailed description of what the Super Rugby athletes do to recover and prepare mentally and physically, on each day of the week.

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