How You Can Master The Clapping Pull-Up

Kirsten Curtis |

Dazzle your gym friends, applaud yourself. Repeat.

Ron Cooper, a humble financial planner from Massachusetts, set a Guinness World Record for completing 25 clapping pull-ups in 60 seconds. The benefits: explosive power that will carry over to any other upper-body exercise. Now it’s your turn – his four tips will get you there.

1.Brace Yourself

Find a pull-up bar that’s very secure. Assume a standard pull-up starting position but use an overhand grip, with your hands just beyond shoulder-width and your thumbs tucked over the bar.

2. Review the Basics
Before trying to launch, be sure you’ve mastered the chest-to-bar pull-up. Your form: looking up, body angled slightly away from the bar, as above. You want to pull your body as high as possible.

2.Go Flying

If you’re strong enough, pull yourself up quickly and release your hands when your eyes are about level with the bar. Your momentum should carry you a few more inches skyward. If you’re not comfortable clapping yet, try index-finger touches.

2. Make the Catch
Regrip the bar and quickly lower yourself back to the starting position, saving energy for your next launch. Make sure your arms straighten out completely before you start the next rep.

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