How To Do A Knee Throw

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Advanced martial artists all have one thing in common: devastating physiques. Here we show you how you 
can get 
the brutal muscular benefits 
of Jeet Kune Do and learn to execute a knockout move with deadly precision

Step one
Set up your attack by baiting your opponent. Throw a quick left-hand punch high at his forehead, forcing him to duck. As you do this, lean slightly to your left, ushering him past with your punching hand. 
A high-pitched, shaky head scream will help here.

Step two
Pivot on your left foot to drive your right knee into his solar plexus or head. Bring your right hand up to push him backwards, using his momentum to knock him down to 
the dusty ground.

Step three
This will end up with him on his back. Finish him by dropping another swift knee. You can even grab his left arm and rotate all the way around to put him in a standing joint lock that’ll pop his shoulder. Victory is yours.

You need

Core stability as, “Any throwing action puts huge stress on your core,” says Jamie Hillman of Brixton Integrated Fighting Arts.

Sprawling moves will give you the functional core strength you need to stay on top.

Do the Slam Sprawl!

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